Commitment to Excellence in Wellness and Recovery

Welcome To New Dawn

New Dawn has been helping thousands of individuals successfully recover for over 25 years. Our Whole person approach to treatment combines evidence-based ACT, DBT, and CBT groups with exposure to experiential therapies such as Paddleboard Yoga, Equine-Assisted Therapy, Expressive Arts, Acupuncture, Dance/Movement, QiGong, and Mindfulness. All of our programs are internationally accredited, and led by experienced and compassionate licensed Clinical Psychologists that are highly skilled in treating eating disorders, personality disorders and addiction. Medical monitoring is also provided by our team of physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, and registered dietitians to ensure that our clients are receiving the best care 24/7.

Treating the Whole Person, Not the Symptoms

The goal of our whole-person approach is to identify and resolve the root issues that create and sustain unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our programs offer attention, care and healing for emotional foundation, physical health, spiritual awakening, relational happiness, and psychological serenity.